"The all-new organic cleaning spray.""Powerful cleaning, light touch on the environment.""Shop all new scents.""20% more effective than others.""Buy online now.""Save 10%"
Every flower pot, lamp and wall,or every closet in every room, windows and floors.Every surface--even the dark passages inevery closet--will be cleaner when properly treated,than when left to its own devices, unaided.
"The effect was instantaneous, instantaneous."--HENRY CLARK
Research shows that by using this product, you will save40% to 70% of the energy used by your home.Everyone says "it's bad for the environment." They are wrong.
Signature body wash.Jasmine was so happy when she first tried this that shewore it out of the house for two weeks.
Cream or paste, use it or lose it.
It is so fast and pure, that it is like eating tea.
Yes, it's easy to use. Yes, it's effective.If you love animals and wild flowers, then this will change yourlife.
Easily removes dirt, grime and grime-likecolours. This produces lovely, delicatecolours and beautiful shimmers and a good-lookingfloor, when not carpet.
100% Money Back Guarantee.
100% natural and free of dyes. And, it has no harsh fragrances.How could it not be considered the latest innatural fragrances. The mystique that surrounds it disappears atfirst. But after a while the subtle fragrances--thewarm, delicious, delicate notes of old-world art, springto mind, then become as cloying as when firstexperienced. If ever you fancied buying some of theimitations made of old Italian pottery, Chinese porcelain, antiquematerials, or tapestries--or trying to decide which to love, inorder to give it up altogether as old fakes, forget it, for you areadhering to the same principle. To buy Italian Chianti, or any ofthe beautiful old Chinese perfumes, let them sit for several days in acool place, with light winds and a clear sky, and when all is dried,examine carefully for the presence of spirit. Spirit is everywherein these wonderful perfumes, and when thoroughly dried, they areunique, enchanting, and immensely hygienic. They exude acertain wonderful, but mysterious, scent. You must be possessed withthe power of combining this secret with the aid of artificialscent in perfumes, or you will never get beyond the condition of achild in the dark.
Every surface--even the dark passages inevery closet--will be cleaner when properly treated,than when left to its own devices, unaided.




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